Siltstone Trail

Found along the Siltstone Trail

This past Saturday, Jon and I hiked the Siltstone Trail at Jefferson Memorial Forest with a group of friends.  The trail is 6.2 miles one way.  It is rated as being strenuous.  It is not a loop trail unless you are up to hiking 12.4 miles.  We had been wanting to hike this trail for a bit as it is one of the longer trails in the Louisville area.

As we are in November now, the leaves have started to fall from the trees.  The trail was still easy to follow, but the leaves could be slick when going downhill and also covered up rocks and branches that were on the trail.  There are several areas of elevation change on this trail.  Up and down, up and down, repeat.  We started our hike from the Scott’s Gap parking lot.  The first climb had all of us catching our breaths.  The good thing about this trail is that just when you think you can’t climb any further, the trail flattens out for a stretch.  Our group kept up a good pace throughout the hike and we finished it in roughly four hours.  On a personal note, I had really thought this trail was going to give me some difficulties.  At the end of the trail, the back of my legs were burning a slight bit.  However, I still felt like I could hike at least another mile or two.  I would really like to go back and attempt to make this hike a loop.