Coonskin Park

Coonskin Park is located in Charleston,West Virginia.  About a fifteen minute drive from my childhood home, I spent a lot of time there as a youth.   While in town celebrating Christmas with my family, Jon and I decided to drive there to check out the park.

It had been nearly fifteen years since my last visit to the park.  Not much has appeared to have changed.  Roughly a thousand acres, there are hiking and biking trails, an Olympic-sized pool, a small skate park, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, and a pond.

Chilly conditions and no visible trail markers meant that we accomplished no hiking during this trip.  Instead, we spent most of our time in the family section of the park .  The playground area is quite impressive with a lot of modern equipment.

Across the parking lot from the playground is a pond.  During the summer, pedal boats are available for rental.  The pond is stocked with quite a few ducks and geese.

Coonskin makes for a great place to spend a lazy afternoon.