Labor Day Adventures

When asked what I wanted to do on Labor Day, a day off from work for both Jon and I, I responded simply with, “I want to go to a park.”  I could offer no specifics.  I just wanted to spend the day outside!  Fortunately for us, we live in a city and state that prides itself on its park systems.  We have a lot of options.  Jon looked at a map and decided that we would try hit up three state parks in one day.  So, off we went.

Our first stop was Taylorsville Lake State Park.  This was my first time visiting the park.  Every time that I had previously mentioned it as a destination, Jon had never seem too enthused.  Now I know why.  Unless you are going with the intent of either boating or horse back riding, the park does not seem to offer some of the activities we enjoy at other parks.  Yes, there are trails.  However, they are mixed use trails that are utilized by those with horses.  Great for them, but not so ideal for hikers.

We drove down to the boat ramp.  The lake is beautiful!  We would love to go back sometime and rent a boat for the afternoon.

After leaving Taylorsville Lake State Park, we headed towards the Lincoln Homestead State Park.  The park features the cabin that Nancy Hank’s, Abraham Lincoln’s mother, lived in when she was courted by Thomas Lincoln.  This is an original cabin, not a reproduction.  It was originally on a piece of property that is about a mile away from the site of the park.

Also located on the park property are reproductions of a home that Thomas Lincoln lived in and also a blacksmith shop.

Roughly a half mile down the road from the park, towards Springfield, is the home of Mordecai Lincoln.  Mordecai was Thomas’ brother.  The home was built in 1797 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  According to an employee of the park, Mordecai’s home was completely renovated about ten years ago.  For a nominal fee of $2, you can tour all the buildings featured within the park.

Earlier this year, Jon and I purchased a Kentucky State Parks Passport book.  If you frequent the state parks, pick one of the books up.  It makes it easy to log your trips and have something to look back on later.  It has also turned into a sort of scavenger hunt for us.  We are trying to visit every state park and have it stamped in our book.  The national park system also has the same sort of book available.

We picked up a stamp for our book at the Lincoln Homestead State Park.  However, because it was a holiday afterall, no one was available to stamp our book at Taylorsville Lake State Park.  With this realization, we elected not to head to our planned 3rd destination of the day.  We are going to go there on a day that we know we can get our passport book stamped.  So, our day ended a bit shorter than we had anticipated, but it was of no concern to us.  It was a beautiful day to just be out driving around with the sunroof out and the windows down.  Fall is right around the corner and soon winter will be here as well.   Get out and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!