Charlestown State Park

Just over a month ago (4/19), Jon and I headed back to Charlestown State Park.  This time, we were joined by Kurt and Johanna.  I have been slammed with school, work, and internship duties and have not been able to post about the day until now.

Our plans for the day were simple.  Get in a bit of hiking and then settle down with a nice picnic lunch.  We hiked trails 4 & 6.  This was Jon and I’s second time hiking trail 4 and our first time hiking trail 6.  Trail 6 was really enjoyable.  It offered some really great views of the Ohio River.

Near the start of Trail 6

Ohio River as seen from one point on Trail 6

Johanna & I above a little waterfall.

Trail 6

Charlestown State Park

1st Day of Spring

The weather in Louisville last weekend was, for the most part, absolutely beautiful.   A welcome beginning to the start of Spring.  Jon and I, of course, had to take advantage of the good weather while it was here.  After a brief discussion of where to go, we headed out to Charlestown State Park this past Saturday.  Neither of us had been there before and were excited to explore somewhere new to us.

Charlestown State Park is located in…you guessed it, Charlestown, Indiana.  Less than 30 minutes outside of Louisville, its close to home.  If you are one of those Louisvillians who hate crossing the bridge into Indiana, get over it.  The park is worth the trip.

The park is on the grounds of what used to be part of an ammunition plant.  There are several buildings still on the property to remind you of this history.  There are at least six hiking trails.  Trail #6 starts right at the bank of the Ohio River.

After driving around the park and spending some time riverfront, Jon and I decided to hike trails 3 & 4.  Both of these trails start at the same parking area, so it made it easy for us to get five miles in without having to get back in the car.  Both of the trails are listed as being “rugged” on the park’s trail map.  I’m not quite sure rugged is a good term for them.  Jon and I both found the trails to be easy to follow and okay for even beginner hikers. Both trails offer views of Fourteen Mile Creek.  Trail #3 features some limited views of the Ohio River.

Start of Trail 4

Start of Trail 3

Old foundation found along Trail #3.

Shawn over at the Louisville Outside blog also recently made a trip to Charlestown State Park.  Check out his post found here to see a bit more information about the park.