Baby Greetings from the White House

Did you know that you can receive a greeting in the mail from the President and First Lady for certain special occasions? I didn’t until stumbling upon it recently. You can receive a greeting for the birth of a child, civilians celebrating their 100th birthday, weddings, 50th/60th/70th wedding anniversaries, and for Girl Scout/Eagle Scout Gold Awards. We received one for the birth of our second daughter.


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Newborn Photos

In late October, after an extremely quick labor, our family welcomed the newest addition to our gang. Hannah was born weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces and was 21 1/2 inches in length. We were gifted with a newborn photography session from Ashley Wilder Photography. Hannah was just over two weeks old when Ashley came to our home to do the photo session. Ashley set up a studio in one of our bedrooms and spent around two hours with Hannah. It was really interesting to see the whole process because, as you can imagine, there is a lot of extra detail, steps, and care that goes into a newborn session. It really takes a photographer that loves her job and has a lot of patience to get the right setup. We were so pleased with the outcome!

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Sick Day Vegan Spicy Tomato Soup

I’m sick. The baby is sick. But, I’ve got a bowl of my favorite soup and my awesome husband ran home some medicine for me on his lunch break. I’m well on the road to recovery.

When I’m sick, I want a soup that has lots of noodles in it. I like to take the Spicy Tomato Soup recipe from Giada De Laurentiis¬† and make it vegan and add double the amount of pasta. I’ve used your plain ole regular white pasta in addition to gluten free noodles with great success. The real bonus to this soup recipe is that my 2 year old will always eat a whole bowl of it and then ask for more!


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